On behalf of myself and all the Board Members, I wish to thank everyone that helped to not only make our charity a success but bring this year’s theme “Focus on Joy” alive with all our Sara Elizabeth Centre family, friends and supporters.
Joy means different things to different people. For those who have journeyed with us for the past 12 years, I am sure that you would agree that JOY is the essence of what the Sara Elizabeth Centre is all about.
Joy is having something to hold onto and at SEC we help our participants hold onto their hopes and dreams. This is what our gala is all about. Coming together , celebrating the milestones and the novelty of what is to come with joy and excitement. I thank you all for your support, generosity and involvement. With your continued help our young people can shine their light and share their joy with everyone they meet.
Together lets look forward to the anticipating joy that comes in knowing that our efforts in raising awareness and funds will create more opportunities for our young people of all abilities to become responsible contributing members of our community. So , be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where there is joy, lives will be touched for the better.

Dino Di Matteo,Chair of the Board

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 ( KS Studio – Ksenia Sachewsky)

“JOY” – We proudly presented this video entitled “JOY” at our 12th annual “Night to Shine” Gala Feb. 23, 2019. It is our way of sharing and celebrating the message of ‘Joy’ we experience at SEC. Our young adults share a message from the heart while expressing what SEC is all about. A message of hope and love that can only be experienced when we can look beyond the physical and touch each others soul. Thank you again to all those who believe in making a difference in the lives of young people who are meant to celebrate life in a spirit of Joy!

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