Spring is a time for

So let’s all spring into action to help raise the much-needed funds for SEC’s 

2022 Fundraising Campaign

Here's how we're planning on 'Shaking Things Up'


As a way of acknowledging all our past & present donors and sponsors . 

During the course of the campaign:

  1. The top 3 corporate donors will be listed on SEC’s homepage and recognized as SEC’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Stars. 

(Make sure to check our website on a regular basis to see if your    donation remains in the top 3 spots.)

    2. All corporate and private donations will be posted on SEC Campaign fundraising page.

After the campaign:

  • The top 3 corporate donors will;

  1. Have their logos posted on SEC homepage
  2. Have their logo posted on the Donor Recognition Wall with a link to their website for the entire year.
  3. Receive a Certificate of Appreciation
  4. Receive a special invitation to join SEC participants, in person or virtually during SEC Circle of Friends.

All other corporate donations will;

  1. Have their logo posted on our Donor Recognition Wall with a link to their company website.


We are challenging everyone to do something different that is new or interesting.

Let’s get shaking!

  1. Join us and particpate in our weekly shake challenges
  2. Send in your own creative challenges that highlight this year’s theme “Shaking Things Up” 

After the campaign:

  1. The best ‘Shake’ challenge will be selected to win a complimentary SEC T-shirt.